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In the posts, “Dealing With The Issue Or Mystery Of Spirit Husband Or Wife part one and two”, we looked extensively on the subject matter of spirit husband or wife.

It is very obvious, many marriages had been derailed or crashed by spirit husband or wife.

There are some beautiful young ladies and some handsome and well to do young men are who are still single because spirit husband or wife had prevented them from getting married.

You can read the posts “understanding the issue or mystery of spirit husband or wife”. GO HERE to read them.

The issue or mystery of spirit husband/wife is a subject matter that some Christians may disagree and refuse to accept its reality, yet it had caused much havoc to individuals and marriages.

You may not believe me, yet the fact still remains that as a lady, you are still single despite your beauty, you came from a nice family background as well as having a good paying job, etc, yet no man has ever told you that he wants to marry you.

Moreover, you may keep having disappointments from men who use and dump you as a worthless rag. Some marriages had equally been crashed, thanks to spirit husbands or wives.

Moreover, there are men, who die mysteriously simply because they proposed marriage to ladies whose spirit husbands were jealous; that is, I know a lady, three men had died mysteriously who wanted to marry her.

The last man who wanted to marry her was the only person in a vehicle that died in an accident the very day he was coming to do traditional marriage of the lady.

There are some men who were doing well in business before they get married but soon after their marriage, their business sudden crumbled and totally collapsed because of envy by the spirit wife.

As said, you may not believe me, yet spirit husband/wife may be doing havoc to your life and marriage. Spirit husband/wife may be responsible for the terrible things that are happening to you which you may not understand.

I recommend to couples complaining of certain issues in their marriage that they should present themselves for deliverance if they wish to enjoy sweet or exciting marriage.

By so doing, the spirit husband/wife if any may be expelled from their lives. I equally recommend the same to ladies who feel that they ought to have been married, yet no man is showing up.

Also, I suggest for couples who are medically okay who had been married for years but there is no issue (children) to show for their marriage that they should present themselves for deliverance or do what I called spiritual check-up to confirm that they don’t have spirit husband or wife.

Those who watched Emmanuel TV on Sunday of the 29th day of September in the year 2013 saw what happened with a popular Nolly wood actorJim Iyke.

If you watch the video, you will hear a spirit wife confessing through Jim Iyke saying that she doesn’t want him to marry and that she wants to destroy him.

If I should ask, is Jim Iyke currently married? Watch this video and it will convince you of the reality of spirit husband and wife.

Before that day, if Jim Iyke was told that there was a spirit wife hiding inside of him, he may slap you that you are insulting him, yet he got delivered from an evil spirit wife.

If Jim Iyke did not present himself at SCOAN he won’t have known or accept that he has an evil spirit hiding inside him.

Whatever you may think or say about Jim Iyke, the fact still remains, he is free from the influence of that spirit wife.

There are many like Jim Iyke, they are moving about without knowing that an evil spirits are hiding inside of them.

How does a person know that he or she Have Spirit Husband or Wife?
There is no fast rule about it, there are many who are working about but may not know that spirit husband or wife are hiding in them.

However, there are certain things that are happening in your life that could be a pointer that you are having a spirit husband/wife.

The following are few of such happenings:
(1) As a lady, you always dream or find yourself making love in a dream. That is, you always see a man coming to make love with you in a dream. That should point to you that you may have a spirit husband.

(2) Also as a married woman, you detest making love to your husband. Request for $ex from your husband angers you quite often yet you constantly make love in a dream.

(3) Again, as a married woman you always dream or see yourself breastfeeding or taking care of children yet you have no child of your own.

Or you always find yourself in the midst of children as well as playing with them yet you don’t have any child of your own.

(4) Moreover, as a married man, you always find yourself in a dream making love to a woman, and that is a pointer that you’re having a spirit wife.

(5) As a married man, you are not impotent but you detest making love with your woman yet you prefer to make love to strangers rather than to your wife.

(6) Also as a man, despite your good looking, good job or may be doing well in business, nice family background etc, yet no woman had accepted to marry you. Ladies keep turning down your marriage proposals.

(7) As a lady, one or two men who propose and want to marry you die mysteriously. That should point to you that you have a jealous spirit husband. The same is true of men, as any lady you want to marry or married that die suddenly and mysteriously.

(8) Also, as a lady, despite your beauty, nice job and comes from a nice family background yet men are not showing up for marriage or have ever told you they want to marry you.

I want to let you know that according to prophet Iginla, spirit husband/wife tend to be more jealous than physical husbands/wives.

When you have spirit husband or wife, that spirit may be manipulating you to do things you may never imagine that you will do.

I wish to point out that spirit husband or wife is controlled by the devil and the devil uses ignorance to keep men from taking actions.

So, if the devil could succeed in keeping you to be ignorant about this mystery of spirit husband or wife, he will succeed to keep you in bondage until he crashes your marriage.

But you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free John 8 verse 32.

Action Plan: The only action plan and the solution I recommend are to present yourself for deliverance as to confirm whether you have a spirit husband/wife or not. If you do, go for deliverance to expel that evil spirit from your life.

There are many deliverance ministers in Nigeria such as:

(1)T.B. Joshua of SCOAN, and Emmanuel TV Lagos

(2)Joshua Iginla of Champion Royal Assembly/Champion TV Abuja

(3)Prophet Jeremiah Omoto of Mercy Deliverance Ministry Warri (Mercy TV) (4)Dr. Chris Okafor Of Liberation TV Lagos.

(5)Dr. Emanuel Chima Okereke of Success Global Ministries Lagos, and many others.

Take time to watch each of these ministers of GOD and decide the one your spirit has accepted and leading you to go and go there for your deliverance.

In fact, you even need to go there for what I call spiritual checkup to confirm that you don’t have spirit husband or wife.

However, may I sound a note of warning: You should be careful of where you go for deliverance because there are places you may go, instead of deliverance; they end up putting marine spirit or other evil spirits in you?

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