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A look at the world over today, you will observe that many marriages are collapsing; many of them are ending in divorce. A closer look at the cause of failures, one will observe that many of the causes are the result of issues relating to $ex in marriage. Couples who really wish to enjoy a successful and exciting marriage, they should try to avoid allowing the issue of $ex to destroy their marriage.

As said, the issue relating to a $ex is what had crashed and is still crashing many marriages. In other words, a well-known marriage destroyer couples should try to avoid is denying of each other $exual satisfaction.

Particularly, as a woman, no matter what your husband does to you or did not do for you, you should never deny him $exual pleasure or satisfaction as a punishment.

Moreover, as a woman, you may not know the harm you are doing to yourself and marriage if you are fond of denying your husband $exual pleasures. This is because denying your husband $exual satisfaction creates a chain reaction and that chain reaction will eventually boomerang or bounce back on you.

For instance, there was this couple I knew, one day I went to see the couple one early morning and meet the wife of the man abusing her husband, calling him all sort of names. On inquiry, the woman told me that she cut her husband red-handed making love to her house help the previous night. The man did not deny the allegation but blamed his wife for his action.

According to the man, he said that that faithful night, he had a tremendous $exual urge, but his wife vehemently refused to submit to him for make lovemaking to her. He said that he spent over half an hour pleading with her, but she refused for no just cause.

When he got fed up appealing to her, he went to ease himself. Incidentally, the room where the house help was sleeping was near the toilet and he said he didn’t know when he went into her room.

The above incident is one of the things that happens when a man has $exual urge or desires but his wife deliberately refused him $ex. There is no doubt about it; there are men who were forced into extra marital affairs simply because their wives deliberately continue to deny them $exual satisfaction.

Also, I read in about a man who was seeking for divorce from his wife, because his wife rubs juju in her private part and demands money before $ex a man says. See .

According to the man, he said that “Whenever he talked to her about it, she will say that all her friends collect money from their husbands before their husbands can get into them. In other words, the woman implemented what she borrowed from her friends.

So, if you are fond of denying your husband $exual satisfaction, he may be tempted to look for satisfaction outside your matrimonial home, and there are thousand and one women out there ready to welcome and satisfy him.

The more he goes outside your matrimonial home for $exual satisfaction the more his heart goes out with him. Time will come when his love for you will get soured and he may no longer pay attention to you. You know what happens when love among couple gets soured.

Moreover, there are men who end up marrying two wives as a result, this is because as he continues to go outside his matrimonial home, one of the other women he normally goes out to see may get pregnant and the man may decide to marry her as the second wife. You see the chain reaction?

Another resultant effect of denying your husband $ex is that he may be tempted to visit $ex workers and may end up catching STD or another deadly disease which he may eventually transmit to you.

I do warn married women not to do anything that could result in their husband going out, how much more denying them $ex. If I were you, I will do everything possible to satisfy my husband $exually and not do anything that could tempt him to commit extramarital affairs.

However, the issue of denial of $ex is from both sides. So husband never you deny your wife $ex for no just cause. Doing so may tempt her to seek satisfaction outside your matrimonial home. The resultant effects of the woman going out are similar to the man going out for $exual satisfaction.

Finally, GOD provided $ex for the enjoyment of couples, they should therefore not allow what GOD provided for their marriage enjoyment to destroy their marriage’ Shalom!