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Vital Forces For A Happy Home

Engaging the vital forces for a happy home
Vital Forces For A Happy Home by Pastor Faith  Oyedepo Everybody wants a happy home, but only few homes today are truly happy. The home is at the very center of satan’s attack. He tries to introduce all manner of evil into the homes. Marriages are facing tremendous pressures today, as satan is busy attempting to break up homes. Divorce is rampant.
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5 Basic Marriage Principles That Never Fails

5 Biblical marriage principles that never fails
The world is ruled by secrets and those who know and apply secrets in their various life endeavors rule their world in such areas. However, ignorance is the bane of many as they are failures in certain areas of their life as a result of ignorance. That calls for the reasons why some successful men and women are failures in their marriage.
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When Love Among Couples Flew Away And Never To Return

why allow your love fly away?
We enter into a marriage relationship with the high hopes of enjoying a blissful marriage. Also for the singles, they enter into one relationship or the other with the high hopes of walking the isles with him/her. During those years, you hear such sweet words as, “I love you so much”, “you are the best thing that ever happened to me”, you are the sugar in my tea, and you are the only one I love etc.
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A Dream Spouse! by Pastor Faith Oyedepo

how to locate my dream spouse
A Dream Spouse! by Pastor Faith Oyedepo I count it a great privilege to bring God’s Word your way again. This month, I will be unveiling to you what I titled, A Dream Spouse. In the beginning, God made us objects of choice. That is, He gave us the freedom to make desired choices and then, holds us responsible and accountable for whatever choices we make.
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