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Maximizing Your Single Years.

maximizing your single years is a necessity.
Maximizing Your Single Years by Pastor Faith Oyedepo  Dear Reader,The Family is very precious to the heart of God, because from the story of creation in the Bible, everything God created, He spoke into existence. However, when it came to the issue of marriage and family, He didn’t just speak it into being, He was practically involved in instituting it (Genesis 2:18-22). Making God the foundation of your family, therefore, is the first step to its success.
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Will You Marry Me?

will you accept to marry me?
Will You Marry Me? by Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedopo The question, “Will You Marry Me?” is what many single ladies yearn to hear. Many young unmarried men, however, find it hard to ask this question for so many reasons. Many ladies who have had the benefit of being asked the question either jump at the opportunity or lose the opportunity entirely, simply because they do not know what to watch out for, what to say or how to say it.
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5 Reasons Why Relationships Die

5 reasons why relationship die
5 Reasons Why Relationships Die By Leigh Goessl Most people don’t go into a relationship anticipating the end. Instead, there are probably feelings such as fluttering butterflies in the stomach, happy thoughts in the mind, and anticipation in the heart. The emotions are all about the excitement in getting to know this new person better. It is during this time the seeds for the relationship are planted.
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