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Marriage as an institution is perhaps the oldest institution on earth and was instituted or designed by GOD. It is widely said that in this marriage institution, there are those outside the institution craving to get in while there are those inside that are craving to get out.

Yes, the above assertion is true; there are many single men and women whose utmost heart desire are to marry while there are those who rushed into marriage only to rush out soon because what they saw are not what they expected.

For your marriage to work, for your marriage relationship be a success and not end in a failure. For you to enjoy your marriage and not end up enduring it, you must follow strictly GOD’S blueprints for a successful marriage. And our success in our marriage relationship is determined by whether we are following GOD’S blueprint or not.

One of the blueprints can be seen in Genesis 2 verses 24 and 25 “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed”.

Looking at the two verses above, let’s itemize them one by one:

  1.  therefore shall a man leave his father and mother,
  2.  and cleave unto his wife
  3.  and they shall be one flesh
  4.  and they were both naked, the man, and his wife
  5.  and they were not ashamed.

As a married man, if you will diligently implement the five issues itemized above, your marriage will be a huge success and you will enjoy your marriage to the fullness. It will be a marriage celebrated in love and harmony, a sweet and evergreen marriage.

Firstly,”Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother”: One of the major causes of crises in our marriage relationship is from men who though they are legally married, but they have not left their father and mother? I must say that it takes maturity as to leave our father and mother as there are many men who are still behaving as boys in not leaving their father and mother.

What does it mean to leave our parents? The marriage between your father and mother is a distinct entity, the marriage of your father and mother-in-laws are distinct entity, so to leave your father and mother is to be totally independence of your parents with respect to marriage between you and your wife.

When you see a man who has a misunderstanding and quarrels with his wife but instead of sitting down with the wife to resolve the matter, he rushes to his parents to report his wife, men who allow his parents to push his wife around on any issue, then I will show you a man that has not left his parents.

Show me a man who his parents still directs and gives instruction on how he should marry or relate with his wife and a man who still allow his mother to push his wife around on accounts of what are in his kitchen, then I will show you a man who had never left his father and mother.

That is why I quarrel with men who after their marriage takes their wives to live in the same roof with their parents, cooking and eating in the same pot with their parents. As a marriage counselor, I advise any young man preparing for marriage, that his first consideration should be where to live after marriage. I tell them that it is far better to go and live with their wife in a room apartment than going to live with his parents in a duplex or mansion.

A man who has not left keeps going to his parents to settle any little quarrel between him and his wife. The ideal thing which is GOD’S blueprint is for a man after marriage to resolve in his heart to sink or swim with his wife without third party interference from his parents. It is not that a man should not learn some valuable lessons from his parents but should never accept their parents giving  him instruction on how to run his own marriage.

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