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One man with gloom on his face made this exclamation, “if I knew she was like that, I won’t have married her”. From the look on his face, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that the man was not happy in his marriage; he was full of regret of the woman he married as a wife. The man wasn’t alone, there are many men in a similar situation who are not happy because of the women they married.

The truth of the matter is that when a man is not happy in his marriage, it literally show in his mood and face. That man, even though he had not divorced or sent his wife away, but they are not relating well as husband and wife. He complained that his wife was not appealing to him any longer.

In some of my earlier posts, I had warned women to be conscious and do everything possible to avoid losing their appeal before their husbands. Once a woman loses her appeal before her husband, other negative consequences in her marriage will soon follow.

But what on earth can make a woman lose her appeal before her husband and what should be done to remedy the situation? For one thing, as a woman, you don’t lose your appeal before your husband in one day, it is a gradual process and takes time before it happens.

I wish to say that most a time, it starts by ignoring a particular area or issue in your life which your husband do complain about time without number. If you are a woman and notice an issue or area your husband is complaining about you, don’t treat that issue with a wave of hands. You should know that he is not happy with you in that area.

So instead of ignoring him or his complaint, you should rather work on yourself to remove or improve on that area. If you ignore his complaint, time will come when he will choose to ignore you as well which in the long run, result in not finding you appealing.

An area some women easily lose their appeal before their husband is by allowing themselves to be an overweight. A man with regret in his eyes was quoted, complaining that the woman he has in his house as a wife is a shapeless woman that even look older than his mother rather than an elegant woman he saw years ago and married as a wife.

As a married woman, you should be conscious not to allow yourself to get overweight if you don’t want your husband to lose interest in you. However, you should as well not allow yourself to be too slim as not to appear as if your husband is not taking good care of you. Maintaining your weight and your body structure is necessary which  should be one of the prizes you pay to sustain your marriage.

Another area that women easily lose their appeal is their cleanness or otherwise. As a woman, never be so lazy as to neglect to clean yourself and be clean all the time. It is noted that most of the women with body odor are those that don’t clean themselves very well and often. Never go to bed at night without taking a good bath especially if you are sharing a bed with your husband. Don’t allow your husband to see or judge you as being dirty.

Some women have discharge and it is noted that some discharge goes with an offensive odor. If you have such a problem, don’t allow your husband to have an affair with you especially at night without first of all going to clean your private with clean water.

A man once complained that he has made a stop to making love to his wife because anytime he makes love to her, the odor that result was so offensive that he used to run away from the bedroom to the sitting room. So don’t be lazy, ensure you clean your body all the time or else your husband will not find you appealing.

Again, be conscious of your wears (dressing). Make sure you wear clothes that fit your body structure. Don’t because you want to wear the latest designer’s clothes that are reigning that will make you wear clothes that did not fit your body structure. Your watchword is that you should dress to please your husband and not to please the public. Your husband should be your mirror, so any cloth he didn’t like, don’t wear it.

Moreover, mind the clothes you wear to bed at night and don’t be fond of dressing like an old grandma. Those who designed nightgown, what do you think was at the back of their mind? Ensure that often you wear good nightgown aimed at fuelling your appeal before your husband.

Above all, ensure that you treat your husband with respect. If you treat your husband with respect, you will see that he will ever adore you. Remember all these are to ensure that you don’t lose your sex appeal before your husband. Ensure that your husband is happy all the time and you are the master key that will unlock that happiness in him.

Of a truth, if your husband is happy with you all the time, you will see that you will enjoy him and your marriage to the fullness all the time. Until I come your way again, stay committed at pleasing your husband as to enjoy your marriage. Shalom.

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