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When we were growing up and before we got married, we were all expectant and dreamed of our going to enjoy a marital bliss and as well as exciting marriage.

But in reality, there are many who are enjoying their marriage to the fullness while some couples, their marriages are awful failures and enjoyment of exciting marriage a mirage.

Some had ended their marriage while others are still managing to hold on and thus are enduring their marriage instead of enjoying it.

When you look at various marriages, you will see that what is making the difference is the level of commitment. The level of commitment of couples to each other and to their marriage determines the level of successful or failure such couple obtains in their marriage.

That is to say, the level to which we enjoy our marriage is determined by the level to which we are committed to our marriage and spouse. In other words, some of the many marriage failures we are seeing today is a result of lack of commitment to their marriage and spouse.

Of a truth, couples who are well committed to each other and to their marriage will never allow anything to happen to their marriage while couples who are not committed to each other and to their marriages, very little and irrelevant matters may crash their marriage.

Before going further, I wish to ask, “To what extent are you committed to your spouse and to your marriage”? That is to say, “what is the level of your commitment to your marriage and your spouse”?

I wish to assure you, no matter how your marriage had fared in the past as a result of lack of commitment, if both of you will decide today to get more committed to each other and to your marriage, you will see that your marriage will surely take a positive u-turn and you will begin to enjoy a successful and exciting marriage.

Areas You Need To Show More Commitment to Each Other:

Love is the oil that lubricates every marriage: So if you want to see your marriage be successful and exciting, then you should do everything possible to increase the level of love you have for each other. The truth of the matter is that it takes more commitment to see your love for each other to grow while the lack of commitment will cause love for each other to diminish and die.

One other area you need to show more commitment to each other and to your marriage is in the area of satisfying each other $exually. A look at what is causing many marriages to crash is the issue of unsatisfied $exual desires. If you will show more commitment to satisfying your spouse $exually, your marriage will last long.

Again it is said that the gateway to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it is unfortunate that some women had abandoned this traditional role of taking care of the feeding of their family. The problem with some women is that they don’t know how to cook and as such their husbands don’t bother to eat at home.

On the other hands, the problem is that the men of the house are not bothered about what their family eats at home by not providing enough money for the upkeep of their family. Only if couples will show more commitment in performing their role at home, their marriages will surely improve for the better.

Moreover, another issue that calls for more serious commitment on the parts of couples is the issue of intimacy. Some couples don’t have time for each other yet it is a necessity that couples create quality time to e together as to create intimacy.

Respecting and as well as Cherishing one’s spouse: A man who respects and cherishes his wife will never raise his hand to beat his wife for any reason while a woman will never open her mouth to abuse a man she cherishes and respects.

The couple who respect and cherishes each other is sure to enjoy an exciting and successful marriage and such couple should show more commitment in the respect and cherishing of each other.


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