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About Us

Welcome to Evergreen Marriage, I am glad for your visit and I hope that you will get what you are searching for on this site. I pray that as you go through the articles here, that GOD will drop one or two things in your spirit that if applied to your marriage will make it exciting, sweeter and evergreen.

I strongly believe and assert that your marriage is  as good and sweet as you make it and that is why I keep hammering it, you can’t make an omelet without breaking an egg, so you must necessarily take responsibility and pay the prize to make your marriage exciting,  sweet and evergreen.

One thing I wish that you should take note of is that marriage is an institution and in this institution, we never graduate nor stop learning. That is why this website serves to provide you valuable and informative materials that if applied to your marriage, your marriage will be exciting, sweeter and evergreen.

There is no marriage that is beyond redemption if the couple concerned will take responsibility to work on their marriage, they will see that their marriage will surely work out. So evergreen marriage is out to help and guide couples on how to take responsibility and work on their marriage as to make it to work.

About Princevinco: The man behind Evergreen Marriage is Deacon Ugwu Vincent, peers call me Vinco. Today, people have come to know and call me by the name ‘Princevinco’, a username I used some time ago in a forum. I hold Leadership Diploma Certificate (LDC) from Winners’ Chapel’s Word Of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI).

Princevinco  holds M.B.A and is a Chartered Accountant  by Profession but ventured into blogging to be sharing the articles GOD is inspiring me to write on the net. To date, these articles are a real blessing to thousands of people that read my articles on the net.  So it is my heart desire to be a blessing to you as well through these articles.

Therefore, feel free to get in touch with me through my email if there is any way I can be of help especially in your marriage and relationships. Finally, I wish to inform you that the level of your commitment to your spouse and marriage determines the level you enjoy your marriage and the sweetness of your marriage is as you make it. Shalom.