10 Tips For Building Crises Free Marriage

In our society today, many marriages are engulfed with many marital crises. Some of these crises grow to a magnitude that it crashes marriages. Many couples will never enjoy their marriages to the fullness because of these crises.

Most of these crises are man-made because some couples are doing what they ought not to do while failing to do what they ought to do or is expected of them in their marriage. In this post, we shall be looking at tips used to build crises free marriage. Read more »

Understanding the operations of The Spirit Husband Or Wife.


In the posts, “Dealing With The Issue Or Mystery Of Spirit Husband Or Wife part one and two”, we looked extensively on the subject matter of spirit husband or wife.

It is very obvious, many marriages had been derailed or crashed by spirit husband or wife.

There are some beautiful young ladies and some handsome and well to do young men are who are still single because spirit husband or wife had prevented them from getting married.

You can read the posts “understanding the issue or mystery of spirit husband or wife”. GO HERE to read them. Read more »

$ex Is For Your Marital Enjoyment And Should Not Destroy Your Marriage

an exciting couple

A look at the world over today, you will observe that many marriages are collapsing; many of them are ending in divorce. A closer look at the cause of failures, one will observe that many of the causes are the result of issues relating to $ex in marriage. Couples who really wish to enjoy a successful and exciting marriage, they should try to avoid allowing the issue of $ex to destroy their marriage. Read more »

Commitment: The Master Key To Enjoy Marital Bliss Or Exciting Marriage

be well well committed in your marriage

When we were growing up and before we got married, we were all expectant and dreamed of our going to enjoy a marital bliss and as well as exciting marriage.

But in reality, there are many who are enjoying their marriage to the fullness while some couples, their marriages are awful failures and enjoyment of exciting marriage a mirage. Read more »

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